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Italian, Lesson 10: Modal verbs, part 4. Sapere (know/know how/can)

Ciao a tutti! – Hiya all!

View from the Leaning Tower of Pisa
View from the Leaning Tower of Pisa

This is the last part about Italian modal verbs. But first let’s refresh our memory. We know 3 modal verbs (verbi modali) and theirs forms:

  • potere – can (posso, puoi, può, possiamo, potete, possono)
  • volere – want (voglio, vuoi, vuole, vogliamo, volete, vogliono)
  • dovere – must/have to (devo, devi, deve, dobbiamo, dovete, devono)

Today we’ll talk about fourth modal verb (or modal helper) – sapere (know/know how/can). Typical usage – we know and can do something well:

  • I can drive a car (I know how to)
  • I know how to cook

See, looks somehow similar to potere examples. But sapere and potere are different. Later we’ll see that. Continue reading