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Monitor Skype disk activity in Mac OS X

Skype refused to launch today – failed with Disk I/O error. Had to delete the whole ~/Library/Library/Application Support/Skype/ folder to return it back to life.

But, on re-launch, Skype started to eat 20% of CPU – probably generating all caches/downloading avatars/… we just deleted. Hey, let’s find out what the Skype is actually accessing on a hard disk. How hard can it be to monitor that?

Open the terminal and type in a command:

sudo fs_usage -f filesys | grep -i skype | grep stat

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How to re-charge alkaline button cell easily

1.5 volts alkaline cell

Wanna share a nice little hack I’ve developed recently – how to re-charge a 1.5 volts watch alkaline battery, or in my case – cycling computer cell (L1142, LR43 1.5 volts). Haven’t found one in a corner shop, so decided to make my one to live a bit longer. It’s not recommended to re-charge alkalines – use this trick on your own risk, please!

Okay, the things we need:

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