How to re-charge alkaline button cell easily

1.5 volts alkaline cell

Wanna share a nice little hack I’ve developed recently – how to re-charge a 1.5 volts watch alkaline battery, or in my case – cycling computer cell (L1142, LR43 1.5 volts). Haven’t found one in a corner shop, so decided to make my one to live a bit longer. It’s not recommended to re-charge alkalines – use this trick on your own risk, please!

Okay, the things we need:

  1. AA wall charger
  2. one AA battery (NI-MH Varta accu on photo)
  3. one AAA battery (NI-MH 800mAh GP accu on photo)
  4. our discharged button cell

AA Charger

See, if we put AAA  on top of the Button cell, the whole construction will be about AA battery tall – fits perfectly into AA charger slot! So:

  1. put AAA + Button cell into the first AA slot
  2. put AA battery into another AA slot (to make it work – my charger turns on only when 2 batteries are in place)
  3. plug that into the power network for 40 minutes (charge current = 250mA, button cell stayed cool for a whole cycle, but I’d recommend checking the temperature – don’t charge if yours became hot! Never use high currents, 50-300mA works good.)

Alkaline button cell in charger

Polarity – on my photo both button cell and AAA minuses faced down, pluses are on top. Botton-to-top: minus-plus-minus-plus.

After charging it works perfectly. Actually, I’ve charged this cell once already (not in AA charger, but connecting two wires to a 3 volts adapter, new hack is so much easier). Last time it was enough for another 5 months of cycling :) If you’re too lazy to go shopping like myself, give it a try.

ATECH cycling computer - 1.5 volts cellCycling-ready instead of re-cycling.

Ready to cycle!

As they say in Macintosh TV commercial – “Cheers to innovation!” :)