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Thrustmaster T300RS steering wheel Arduino emulator

Emulating T300 PS rim with Arduino
Emulating T300RS PS rim with Arduino


I’m still getting lots of questions about Thrustmaster T300RS stock steering wheel (aka “PS wheel”) emulation – Arduino project I’ve made long time ago, that was tested by several T300 owners, but was never published on my blog. Mainly because 458 Italia arduino emulator from Part2 and Part3 works perfectly fine with both TXRW and T300RS bases (but has Xbox button names).

But as far as there are emails and requests - here you are exact Arduino emulator for T300RS PS wheel.

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Hacking a Thrustmaster TX RW gaming wheel with Arduino Uno – part 1

TX RW Wheel connected to Arduino Uno
TX RW Wheel connected to Arduino Uno

Here’s a Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel (Force Feedback TX base + Ferrari 458 Italia replica wheel). I got it broken, and because of the fact it required tear down and repair anyways (fixed already), I decided to play with electronics a bit more, connecting different wheel parts to Arduino board and reverse-engineering wheelbase-to-wheel wiring and protocol. Let’s take a look?

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How to re-charge alkaline button cell easily

1.5 volts alkaline cell

Wanna share a nice little hack I’ve developed recently – how to re-charge a 1.5 volts watch alkaline battery, or in my case – cycling computer cell (L1142, LR43 1.5 volts). Haven’t found one in a corner shop, so decided to make my one to live a bit longer. It’s not recommended to re-charge alkalines – use this trick on your own risk, please!

Okay, the things we need:

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