About this blog



My name’s Taras, from Planet Earth, Solar System, you know. He-he, okay, what to tell if you suddenly came here? I am another avid cyclist around in a free time and a perl programmer for a living (FYI: perl is a computer language, the cool one).

In general I love to learn languages (both computer and human) – usually this requires keeping books, notes and papers around – to repeat words, do exercises, etc. – you know. I’ve created this blog to get rid of the tons of papers (=save trees) and to have all my notes shared on the Net and easily accessible anytime. Very handy! If anyone finds some bits of information here useful it is just great, this makes me very happy.

So, this blog is about programming tricks, electronics hacks and learning human languages. And for various trip notes and photos, of course.

You can find me on youtube or drop me an anytime.

Take care, folks!

Cycle highway
Cycle highway through the park. Cool ha?