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Italian, Lesson 6: Verbs of 3rd type, -ire

Ciao a tutti! Sono Taras. È voi? – Hello everyone, I’m Taras. And you?

Mountains near Garda lake
Mountains near Garda lake

As we know from previous lesson 5, there are 3 type of verbs in Italian: ending on -are, -ere and -ire. Like parlare (to speak), scrivere (to write) and aprire (to open). Today we gonna learn how to transform the third type of verbs, ending on -ire.

Our today’s examples: partire (to leave), dormire (to sleep), aprire (to open).

Partire – to leave
  • io parto – I leave
  • tu parti – you leave (singular)
  • lui/lei parte – he/she leaves
  • noi partiamo – we leave
  • voi partite – you leave (plural)
  • loro partono – they leave

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Italian, Lesson 5: Verbs of 2 type, -ere

Ciao a tutti! Sono professore d’Italiano :) He-he, I’m kidding.

Roman Forum
Roman Forum

As we know, verbs in italian change their’s form in conjunction with different pronouns. We already know how to change the verbs ending on -are: parlare, studiare, amare. But, not all italian verbs end on -are!

There are 3 types of verbs in Italian:

  1. ending on -are (parlare – to speak, studiare – to study, amare – to love)
  2. -ere (scrivere – to write, vivere – lo live, prendere – to take)
  3. -ire (partire – to leave, dormire – to sleep, aprire – to open)
  4. +irregular special cases. But they also end on -are, -ere and -ire.

Each type has it’s own transformation rules. And this is something that we need to remember.

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Italian, Lesson 4: Languages

Ciao a tutti! Sono Taras. È voi? – Greetings all! I’m Taras. And you?

Coliseum from inside
Coliseum from inside
  • Oggi noi parliamo Italiano – Today we speak Italian
  • Oggi parliamo Italiano – Today we speak Italian

As usual we skipped noi (we) pronoun. By the parliamo ending the actor is clear – we. See Lesson 3 for the forms of parlare (to speak) verb.

We learned stress rules, and we gonna add some spelling today. And we’ll pick up few new words – name of different languages in Italian.

Lingue – Languages
  • Portoghese
  • Inglese

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