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Hacking a Thrustmaster TX RW gaming wheel with Arduino Uno – part 1

TX RW Wheel connected to Arduino Uno
TX RW Wheel connected to Arduino Uno

Here’s a Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel (Force Feedback TX base + Ferrari 458 Italia replica wheel). I got it broken, and because of the fact it required tear down and repair anyways (fixed already), I decided to play with electronics a bit more, connecting different wheel parts to Arduino board and reverse-engineering wheelbase-to-wheel wiring and protocol. Let’s take a look?

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Monitor Skype disk activity in Mac OS X

Skype refused to launch today – failed with Disk I/O error. Had to delete the whole ~/Library/Library/Application Support/Skype/ folder to return it back to life.

But, on re-launch, Skype started to eat 20% of CPU – probably generating all caches/downloading avatars/… we just deleted. Hey, let’s find out what the Skype is actually accessing on a hard disk. How hard can it be to monitor that?

Open the terminal and type in a command:

sudo fs_usage -f filesys | grep -i skype | grep stat

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CSS3 sticky footer

The problem

In the world of big screens and full-screen browsers, pages with too few content can look awful:

Non sticky footer

Saw that, ha? Blank page bottom with a footer dangling in the middle of a page. Horrible!

The solution

Happily, in the era of HTML5 almost everybody stopped asking about IE6-IE8 support, so simple cross-browser sticky footer is easy to make. It’s often called the Sexy Kind or the Genghis Khan footer.

CSS chunk:

  html { position:relative; min-height:100%; }
  body { margin:0 0 80px 0; } /* footer height + reset body margins */
  footer { height:80px; position:absolute; bottom:0; width:100%; }

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