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Italian, Lesson 1: Pronouns

Howdy, all?

Piazza Venezia in Rome, The Vittoriano
Piazza Venezia in Rome, The Vittoriano

I decided to move some of my handwritten notes on Italian studies to the blog, in case I lose my papers. There will be 15-20 short lessons – the very essence of Italian grammar, absolute minimum you should know to start speaking. I know, it’s not easy to start. But if you reach Lesson 7 (modal verbs), you’ll be able to build really a lot of phrases yourself.

We’re starting from pronouns and to be verb.

Italian pronouns – singular
  • I – io (sounds like ‘yo, man!’, but sofffffter – jio)
  • you – tu (informal)
  • she – lei
  • he – lui
  • you – lei (formal or polite way)
Italian pronouns – plural
  • we – noi (sounds like n + Oi-oi-oi! in songs)

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